Huawei Honor Band 4, Blue

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Huawei Honor Band 4 Blue
Screen 0.95 inches - Bluetooth 4.2 - Resistance 5ATM - Autonomy up to 17 days - GPS - Camera remote control - Heart rate - Find your phone

Colour AMOLED screen
Huawei Honor Band 4 is a smart bracelet with a scratch-resistant 0.95 inch touch screen and a slight curve, thanks to its curved 2.5D glass.

Sleep and heart rate monitor
This smartband has a Trusleep sleep monitor, which is able to identify and offer you advice if you have sleep problems, if you have insomnia and in general your habits so that you also take care of your rest hours. Another function of this bracelet is its real-time heart rate tool. Throughout the day Honor Band 4 uses infrared technology to detect your heart rate and see the state of your heart.

According to Huawei this bracelet is water resistant with its 5ATM protection, this means that you can wash your hands or rinse the dishes even if you are wearing it. However, we do not recommend immersing the smartband in water, as its internal circuitry could be damaged. (It is not designed to be immersed in salt water).

Multiple types of training
The good thing about Huawei Honor Band 4 is that it is able to detect different types of activity you perform. It explores a variety of exercise types for training: running outdoors, in the gym, walking outdoors, biking, swimming, and more. If you're proud of your results, share your statistics with your friends.

Smart features
This Huawei smartband features caller ID and message notifications. Now you can forget about your cell phone. You'll never miss an important call or message again, even if your phone is in your pocket. Your smartband will send an alert directly to your wrist to let you know when someone is trying to reach you.

Long lasting battery
With Huawei Honor Band 4 and its 100mAh battery, it offers you up to 17 days of autonomy within normal use on a single charge.

Technical specifications:

  • AMOLED 0.95 inches
  • Lens: 2.5D curved glass
  • Handling: Touch
Connection: Bluetooth 4.2
Motion sensor: 6-axis sensor
Resistance: 5ATM
  • Battery: 100mAh
  • Autonomy: up to 17 days
  • Processor: Apollo 3
  • Software: Huawei Trusleep 2.0
Inner workings:
  • Remote control camera
  • GPS connection.
  • Shows the heart rate at the same time.
  • Find the mobile.
  • Hike
  • Cycling
  • Free training
Package content:
  • 1 x Huawei Honor Band 4 Blue

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