VNM Sim Racing 3-Pedal Set V1

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Coming to market in 2021 with a fantastic shifter and handbrake, the VNM Simulation Pedals are here to provide a great upgrade to any Sim Racing chassis. Whether you're a casual sim racer or an esports champion, this pedal is for you.
A 200kg load cell allows you to adjust the pedal strength.


  • The main parts are made of CNC aluminum and black anodized.
  • All moving parts use ball bearings for smooth pedaling.
  • You can adjust the angle and height of the pedal.
  • An angle sensor is used for the throttle and clutch, and a 200kg load cell is used for the brake.
  • High-quality, high-precision (external ADC 24bit) controller box using optimal control software for calibration, dead zone setting, and running curve setting.
  • Optional 3 adjustable dampers for all pedals.
  • Please note that this pedal cannot be placed on the floor or on a wheel stand that does not have a joint between the seat and the pedal stand. Requires an integrated cockpit. An integrated cockpit/simulator is required to use the VNM pedals, even with the optional baseplate.
  • Optional original spring and elastic rubber kit limited to DELE can be purchase separately. The upgrade kit allows you to customize the pedal freely by adding a spring and elastic rubber combination to adjust the tension of the VNM simulation pedal.

This product supports PC/Windows platform. It cannot be used on game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Optional items (sold separately)

  • Pedal Damper Kit (sold separately)

  • Pedal Heel Rest (sold separately)

  • Pedal Upgrade Kit Optional (sold separately)

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