Introducing the new Fifine x DELE K658 USB microphone

Introducing the new Fifine x DELE K658 USB microphone for streaming and podcasting

We are so excited to introduce the new Fifine x DELE K658 USB microphone to our collection. This microphone was designed to be your best companion when it comes to streaming and podcasting. 

  • It is built to be used right off the bat. The USB setup will swiftly carry you away from the XLR-absence regret, for its plug-and-play convenience on Windows, Mac and even a Play Station console. And the compatibility does not end there, with a USB adapter, it can also up your game on an Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • What’s more, a proper dynamic microphone with the least expensive price tag is around 60 bucks, but when bringing together the necessary add-on, the total is more than $100. And if you prefer a standalone shape of mic that gives you more presence, the price may go up to double of a K658. 
  • You do not have to treat it like something fragile. For its proper metal construction, it can be the workhorse for your everyday tasks. With an included mini tripod, you do not have to cram the backpack with a heavy podcast stand if you take the mic out for an on-the-go recording. Though we highly recommend a scissor arm stand for use with the mic in the home studio. 

Key Features 

  • Metal Construction
  • Microphone Control
  • Quick Mute Button
  • High-end Clarity
  • Low-latency Monitoring
  • RGB On/Off Switch

You can shop the product here