DELE started its operations in Japan, from where it quickly expanded to South Korea and Australia. Since 2011, we have aimed to inspire the best gamers of tomorrow by providing an interesting selection of high-quality gaming products at reasonable prices, so that everyone could enjoy the best of gaming.

We are now proud to introduce Nordic gamers to the extremely high-quality customer service that we are known for. In practice, we continuously update our product selection to match the current trends and, most importantly, the needs of Finnish gamers. For now, our key brands include Mad Catz, FIFINE and Alterzone, but don't hesitate to contact us at and give us a hint of what more you'd like to find in our selection.

In 2016, DELE started to manufacture its own racing game equipment. In fact, our racing wheel stands quickly became a hit among gamers, which encouraged us to strive to introduce more unique DELE gaming products in the future.

In terms of delivery, DELE first started off on various e-commerce platforms and we are proud to have been a top-seller in the racing category on Yahoo for years, with thousands of positive reviews of our online store. In addition, in 2019 DELE reached its ultimate vision of growing and supporting platform sales through our own site, allowing us to better know and serve our customers.


Our Mission: From gamers to gamers. Through love for gaming, we work hard everyday to provide an interesting selection of high-quality gaming products at reasonable prices


Our Vision: To support and fulfill gamers’ needs in anyway that we can, while inspiring the best gamers of tomorrow


Our Values: Gamers in mind, innovation at heart, twinkle in our eyes