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For Sim Pedals Sprint, which supports high brake loads, a robust mounting to your simulator cockpit is absolutely essential. If you prefer not to mount the pedals directly to the cockpit and want a rigid mounting option, we provide the Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate as an option. The baseplate allows for flexible positioning of individual pedals and comes with an adjustable heel plate.

While the Sim Pedals Sprint brake can withstand loads of up to 65kg, standard pedal mounting plates on cockpits often exhibit excessive flex under these loads. This baseplate helps create a sturdy platform for mounting your pedals to the cockpit.

The baseplate unit consists of multiple elements: a pedal plate to mount the pedals, an adjustable heel plate, and two brackets to secure the baseplate to the frame.

Mounting hardware to attach the pedals to the baseplate and the baseplate to a 6mm thick base plate are included.

Pedal Plate

The baseplate's pedal mounting section has slots for lateral adjustment of individual pedals. The lateral slots dimensions are 29mm for the brake and 24mm for the throttle and clutch.

Additionally, each pedal can be adjusted forward and backward by 12.5mm through slots at the pedal's foot.

Heel Plate

The heel plate of the Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate is height-adjustable. You can place it at the default position (height 0mm) or raise it using spacers. Two types of spacers (20mm and 40mm) are included to elevate the heel plate.

This baseplate is compatible only with Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint products.

The mounting holes in the bracket are compatible with TM T3PA and T3PA Pro (235mm) pedal sets. The brackets offer a total of six mounting points, providing various options to attach the baseplate to an aluminium profile or to create your own drill template for cockpit mounting.

Please note, this baseplate cannot be placed on the floor without support, nor installed on a wheel stand where the pedal and seat are not firmly connected. A full-frame cockpit/simulator is absolutely necessary.

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