Simagic FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel

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FX Pro Formula Steering Wheel

Co-developed with formula racers and engineers Formula Xtreme Pro, for the ultimate formula racing experience.

Interested in maximizing your performance? Check FX Pro.

Sharp and Vivid 4.3" LCD display. Real time data monitoring for multiple telemetry systems. Multi-scene screen presets and real-time switching make it easy to monitor your vehicles telemetry. POP UP alert system notifies you to various race information like flags, faults, and race commands *For Supported Titles*.

Full carbon fiber construction, redefining a lightweight wheel body

6 pedal modules: 2 shift pedals, 2 custom pedals, and dual clutch pedals that support SimPro Manager’s button mode.

SIMAGIC Innovations

Sharp and Vivid 4.3" LCD display. Patented HALL pedal modules designed for crisp shifting, precise activation, and durability. Patented soft glow LED lights. Every RGB light is adjustable, clear and non-intrusive. Patented button cap stickers. Choose from 128 easy-to-apply patterns to create your own exclusive wheel.

SimPro Manager

Next Gen Driver Software: SimPro Manager. The RGB buttons flash and change colors based on your Telemetry Settings of "ABS/TC/DRS/PIT". Customize your Formula experience.

Discover your potential with the FX Pro

Button, RPM, and Status LED’s all support telemetry based feedback along with various color choices. Patented soft glow rev light featuring 21 LED’s. 12 customizable RGB buttons; 4 thumb encoders; 5 rotary encoder buttons; and 1 7-way multi-position switch.

Technical details:

  • Wheel Type: Formula Steering Wheel/GT
  • SIMAGIC S-ray Multi-function RGB light: 1
  • Diameter: 290mm
  • Weight: 1700g
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Material: Silicone
  • 7-way Multi-position Rotary Switch: 1
  • Customizable RGB buttons: 12
  • Rotary Encoders: 5
  • Thumb Rotary Encoders: 4
  • HALL Paddle Module: Included
  • 6 pedal modules: Included
  • Steering Wheel decal: Included
  • Button Sticker: Included
  • QR Type: SIMAGIC QR50
  • Accessories: Warranty Card, Installation Kit, USB 3.0 Cable, Button cap stickers (128x)

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