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Trak Racer TR8 Pro Racing Cockpit with GT Seat (monitor stand not included)

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Trak Racer TR8 Pro Racing Cockpit GT

Trak Racer TR8 Pro Upgrades

By gathering feedback from the most popular rig on the market, the TR8 we have released the updated TR8 Pro which has the following improvements and improvements to packaging to ensure the item reaches you as it should.

  • Strengthened Pedal Plate
  • More Adjustable and Strengthened Wheel Mount
  • More Adjustable and Strengthened Left or Right Side Shifter Mount
  • Complete Overhaul of Integrated Monitor Stand (optional sold separately)

Trak Racer TR8 Pro Overview

  • Direct Drive & Belt Drive Wheel Ready!
  • Compatible with PC and Console
  • Compatible with all popular steering wheels, pedals, and shifters on the market
  • Stiffened Dual-Supported NO FLEX Wheel Shaft
  • Integrated Single Monitor Stand to support displays up to 70” (Optional)
  • Superior build quality, stability, and comfort
  • Improved Left and Right-Side Gear Shift mount with pre-drilled mounting points and slide
  • Reinforced Angle and Distance Adjustable Pedal Mount, suitable for all the big brands!
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia

Frame/Chassis Features

  • Solid framework with no obstruction between your legs and no wheel side supports required
  • 580mm wide for firm stance when racing
  • Low ground clearance with hard wood rubber floor protectors
  • Finished in 2"(51mm) high-grade steel tubing

Integrated Single Monitor Stand Features (Optional)

  • New Solid Mounting with Distance and Height Adjustment
  • VESA Mounting Bracket
  • Optional - Triple Monitor Mount (SKU TR-TR8-M)
  • Optional - Large VESA Extension Mounts (SKU TR-80)

Adjustable Wheel Mount Features

  • Unique and Rigid Distance Slider with Angle Adjustment
  • Solid construction to support Direct Drive Force Feedback Systems up to 35nm of Torque
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand wheels
  • 3-Point Adjustment allows you to adjust the height and angle of the mount

*Patent design

Adjustable Pedal Mount Features

  • Fully adjustable bracket for both angle slide
  • Forward and Back Distance Slider
  • Welded steel frame on the underside of the mount for added strength
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals including

Reinforced Left or Right-Side Mounting Gear Shift Mount Features

  • The Distance Slider mount allows you to adjust the position of the mount to the most ergonomic position for you
  • Angle Adjustment enabled you to face the shift mount inwards, flat, and outwards for customized adjustability
  • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand shifters including Thrustmaster TSS, Fanatec Clubsport, and more
  • Optional - Integrated Handbrake Mount

What's Included:

  • 2" Industrial Strength Iron Chassis
  • Fully Adjustable Angle Pedal Mount with Distance Slider
  • Premium Seat Sliders
  • Left/Right Mounting Gear Shifter
  • Angle, Slide, and Height Adjustable Wheel Mount
  • Bucket Seat Mounting Brackets
  • Tools and screws included



    *Electronics and Monitor Stand are not included

    For a detailed description click here

    Adjustable Pedal Deck

    Fully Adjustable Wheel Mount

    Adjustable Gear Shifter Mount
    Mounts on Left or Right Side!

    Left / Right Side Shifter


    Your Competitive Edge Against the World's Elite

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