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Upgrade your Forte® Formula Steering Wheel with the Asetek Analog Dual Clutch Paddles.

Inspired by real racing cars, the analog dual paddle is designed to enhance competitiveness. The dual clutch action achieves the ultimate standing start and clutch & coast performance, helping to shave off precious milliseconds!

Made from a composite of carbon, glass, and plastic, it offers very high rigidity and strength, providing the highest quality and durability. It also features a lightweight, ergonomically designed, low-noise construction for comfortable use.

The paddle can be easily attached with a single screw and is adjustable in width, making it suitable for all hand sizes and preferences.

In RaceHub™, three modes can be set:

  • Dual Clutch - Use both clutches to quickly launch the car from a standing start. Engage both clutches to enter dual clutch mode. Releasing one clutch paddle reaches the bite point. Slowly releasing the second clutch allows for a smooth start. The feature of setting your preferred bite point is distinctive
  • Paddle: The axes of the two paddles are independent, allowing you to set them according to your preferred sim
  • Button - Each paddle can be set as an input button. You can set it for your preferred functions in your preferred sim


  • 32.5 x 40 x 75.5-85.5 mm
  • 10mm adjustable

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