Asetek Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm

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Welcome to fully immersive Sim Racing!

When we embarked on the development of a direct drive wheel base, we aimed to develop the best Sim Racing wheel base in the market measured by every parameter. Our ambition was greater than just using a standard industrial servo motor and developing a product around it; it was a challenging endeavor, but we started from scratch, developing not just pedals and steering wheels but an entirely new experience.

By purchasing IP from leading vendors in the market, partnering with Mige, a renowned motor supplier for Sim Racing, and spending years developing electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, testing, and validation from the ground up, we completed the Invicta™ 27Nm, Forte® 18Nm, and La Prima™ 12Nm wheel bases.

At Asetek SimSports®, true to the spirit of our other products, whether you buy the entry-level La Prima™ series or the top-level Invicta™ product, you get the same quality, durability, superior engineering, and most importantly, the same user experience. Each wheel base, ranging from 12-27Nm, is equipped with high-end 22-bit encoders, slip rings, and electronics, offering a driving experience unmatched by any other in terms of eliminating cogging and lag. Of course, all critical parts are made of aluminum and steel.

All Asetek SimSports® wheel bases provide smooth, ultra-sensitive, and accurate feedback, allowing drivers to feel even the smallest bumps or curbs on the road. For example, our wheel bases' resolution is 0.000085 degrees, equating to approximately 4,000,000 steps per wheel rotation! This means with Asetek SimSports® wheel bases, you don’t have to choose between a true hi-fi driver experience and affordability—you get both!

Since all wheel bases are designed from scratch, we could develop a very compact and flexible form factor that can adapt to any rig or need. The wheel base serves as the central hub of the simulator, allowing future peripherals to be connected to the Asetek SimSports® pedals, wheels, and up to five USB-S ports at the back.

The simplest installation method (factory default) includes pre-installed T-nuts in the grooves at the base, allowing the motor to slide forwards and backwards on the rig without long and expensive steering wheel spacers that could compromise the wheel base's lifespan and reliability. We have developed mounting options for all wheel bases that accommodate any rig, including table clamps, bottom mounts, side mounts, and even front mounts.

Many Sim Racers love to tinker with and show off their gear. Therefore, we implemented up to six fully customizable aRGB LED strips, allowing the wheel base to match other parts of the Asetek SimSports® equipment, team colors, or even the color of fire-resistant racing undergarments! The wheel base is managed through the central software RaceHub™, allowing adjustments to the base and driving experience to suit preferences, in addition to other Asetek SimSports® equipment!

All Asetek SimSports® wheel bases feature a unique Quick-Release that is as easy to use as shifting gears, meaning you can literally remove the wheel from the base with just a push of a paddle! Of course, there are no wires, batteries needing charging, or cables that can break or disconnect. Naturally, there's also no risk of disconnection or breakage thanks to our easy-to-use no-play quick release.

We understand that many Sim Racers have personal preferences for steering wheels, so instead of locking them into a specific ecosystem, we have partnered with many major wheel vendors that offer native support for the Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive Wheel Base.

Asetek SimSports® wheels enhance competitiveness by pursuing performance and precision without compromise. They also deliver the quality and durability expected from Asetek, designed to last. Designed, assembled, and tested in Denmark!

Technical specifications

  • Refined, cutting-edge, and minimalist Danish industrial design
  • Made in Denmark
  • Anodized extruded aluminum housing
  • Direct drive force feedback
  • Peak torque of 27Nm
  • Encoder resolution: 22bit / 0.000085 degrees / 4,000,000 steps
  • 6x25 programmable RGB
  • Product weight: 11.3kg

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