Fifine x DELE K651 USB Microphone Bundle

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For the audio solution, you have so many choices than before. But there is no best microphone set in stone, especially when the budget is limited. Only the one that suits you most is the best. FIFINE K651 dynamic microphone kit is trying to sell you on if you are a streamer who wants not just sound quality in the game but also aesthetics in the frame. It is also battling in the field of podcast recording, particularly where a more natural tone is needed.

If you are preparing to get into one of those characters, or just a sucker for the appearance, bear with me in the following unveiling. You may find it be your very microphone, or at least find yourself getting clearer about what type of mic you want.
  • The two-section rocket design will not help you land on the moon, but will definitely catch everyone’s eyes and draw their attention to what project could come out from this kit.
  • The propellers underneath are where the RGB lightings shine through. They serve as the fancy decoration that pushes you further into the gaming mood. Don’t want them to distract you or your views from the streaming? Just unplug the powering type-c cable from the bottom of the shock mount, you are all good.
  • The eyebrows-raising shock mount is not just a swagger. The whole point of it is to free up the microphone from vibration. And it pulls off that purpose rather well for its proper weight, not too light to be non-existed, not too heavy to generate vibration from itself.
  • Nothing crazy about the included scissor arm stand. It is the down-to-earth workhorse in this dynamic microphone package that gives you substantial help in upping your game. Sway it into the frame when streaming begins, making up for the drawback of a low-sensitivity dynamic mic. The maximum extension of the arms is up to 90cm, which allows it to fit in any size of a desk. Put it aside when you finish the task to keep everything neat and tidy.

RGB Shock Mount

The shock mount is powered on by a computer USB port If you are the gamers believing in the theory of more RBG resulting in higher FPS, then this K651 takes a further step for you! The lighting can be switched among rainbow or 8 types of single-color mode by click the RGB control button. Choose one that fits in your room ambiance well or one that creates color contrast to get more visually appealing.

Touch-sensitive Mute

The eye-catching feature does not just stop at the light shock mount. The K651 refreshes your eyes with an illuminating smiley FIFINE logo, which also serves as a touch-sensitive mute button. When it is muted, the on-body LED lighting will turn red to keep you alarming or give your audience a notice in streaming.

  • The ruggedness of the all-metal body is the rocket ship style in the microphone. The simple but solid chassis covers the dynamic capsule with the same solidness. However, do not expect it to sound any harsh. The dynamic type has tagged the warm and thick tone label onto the reproduced sounding.
  • And the dynamic tag is also the certificate of being background-sound proof. With the assistance from the included arm stand, it can even throw a punch combo to beat all the environmental noises out of your streaming.
  • The low-end does not get super deep down, thus it is not as punchy as the K658 dynamic mic. But on the upside, your audience will get less distracted from the plosives even if there is no pop filter attached. Just talk slightly off-axis to make all sound comfortable to your audiences’ ears.
  • Judging from the rocket shape alone, it is hardly a competitive contender for vocals. It lacks subtle brightness, but the clarity is more than enough.


      • Type: Dynamic
      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      • Frequency Response: 110Hz-15kHz
      • Sensitivity: -40±3dB
      • S/N Ratio: 1kHz>70dB
      • Dynamic Range: 75.04dB
      • Output Connection: USB Type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)
      • Power Consumption (Both the microphone and the shock mount): USB power (Voltage: 4.75V-5.25V, Current: 50mA-80mA)
      • Shipping Weight: 1.5 kg

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