Fifine x DELE T669 PRO3 USB Microphone Bundle

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What's Included?

  • 1 x Fifine x DELE T669 PRO3 USB Microphone
  • 1 x Arm Stand
  • 1 x Shock Mount
  • 1 x Pivot Mount
  • 1 x Pop Filter
  • 1 x Foam Cover


  • Scroll the volume wheel when the audience tells your voice is too soft or too loud during game, broadcast or web conferencing, saving the trouble to pause and pull up a config. panel to adjust.
  • A volume control complements with a low-latency monitoring jack is just making your use experience much better. You do not have to count on others’ ears to hear if the level goes wrong but on your own.
  • The streamers' desired feature - a mute button, we have nailed it. But without a LED indicator, the quick mute feature will lose its charm. So there it is in the front panel.
  • USB setup may come as no surprise, but the pleasing features will keep on coming if you look deeper into it. First comes the very welcome addition of the type-c. It is rather convenient to use around your studio when everything just uses the same type of cable.
  • If there is a gaming-feature top list, the quick-mute must claim the crown. With one integrated into the top, you need not to remember yet another hotkey. To make the experience even better, it is touch-sensitive to mute yourself without indicating others with audible clicking.
  • The boom arm stand also keeps the mic off a table. Combing with a shock mount, you will hear much less vibration or file flipping noise from the workspace. The unique design makes it the only shock mount that fits a microphone with on-body dials.
  • The pop filter is not close to a poor relation of the whole package, dual layers reject p noise well. And the C-clamp was carefully designed to hold firmly the whole kit.
  • The latency-free headphone jack is not a big deal for everyone. Podcasters have chances to go back and redo the episode recording, but it is never a pleasant thing to do. Then the live monitoring to make sure every bit of the recording sound right is all the more practical and useful than any other feature. Gamers can also use the headphone jack as an extra benefit to run a quick check-up to hear what you sound like in the game when you are jamming with your teammates.
  • Plug & play on Windows, Mac, and PlayStation console.
  • Most handy controls in game: physical gain & tap-to-mute button.
  • The RGB blends into whatsoever lighting setup for having multiple patterns to choose from
  • Light off & headphone in, engage working mode in a jiffy. View more details below
  • But who wants controllable RGB lighting is a more sensible gamer. In that term, the T669PRO3 is also a sensible RGB microphone. It is a bit understated, until the lights go on, thing changes! You can make it visible on the camera by switching the RGB on, or more eye-catching by turning the rainbow colorway on, or match the current color scheme of your room by choosing among 7 types of pure color lighting, or into character of working day by switching off the light off.


    • Polar Pattern: Uni-directional
    • Sensitivity: -40+/-3dB
    • Bit Rate: 16bit
    • Sampling Rate: 48K
    • Electrical Current: 80-140±5mA
    • Power Supply: 5V±0.25V
    • Output Connection: USB 2.0
    • Shipping Weight: 1.35 kg

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