Simagic GT Cup Racing Wheel with Dual Clutch

Material: Alcantara
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This is the 320mm (11.8 inches) Simagic GTC steering wheel (SMG-GTC). The wheel features an extremely sturdy quick release system that has zero play for a seamless connection to the force-feedback sensations and making changes between multiple steering wheels entirely possible. The wheel also features magnetic paddle shifters with adjustable paddle positions and optional clutch paddles. The Simagic GTC steering wheel is directly compatible with the Simagic M10, Alpha, AlphaMini, and AlphaUltimate direct-drive wheel bases.

The front of the wheel has eight lighted push buttons, two rotary encoders, four thumb wheels and two multi-functional navigation controls often referred to as funky switches. There is an integrated shift light at the top center. The back of the wheel has two magnetic paddle shifters with carbon fiber paddles. The wheel is available with optional clutch paddles.



320mm Diameter wheel
Dual shifter paddles
Eight lighted push buttons
Two rotary encoders
Four thumb wheels
Two multi-function funky switches
Carbon Fiber face plate
CNC milled aluminum button-box housing
Carbon-fiber shifters
Wireless communication
8 programmable RGB buttons
Equipped with Simagic quick-release (NRG Compatible)

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