Razer All-in-One Stream Controller

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Razer All-in-One Stream Controller

All-in-One Stream Controller. Control your stream with 12 haptic Switchblade keys and 6 tactile analog control wheels, USB connection.

All-in-One Stream Controller - to streamline live content creation
Go live, switch scenes, adjust audio, and more. Effortlessly manage your stream with shortcuts for multiple programs—organized through custom layouts and icons for intuitive use.

12 Haptic Switchblade Keys - for total control at your fingertips
Bind an infinite variety of commands and macros. Customize their icons for easy visual navigation and adjust their haptic feedback for the ideal level of tactile response.

6 Tactile Analog Dials - for on-the-fly audio adjustments
Conveniently tweak the levels of your audio, media, and other channels, as you manage it all at a glance using the controller’s dynamic LCD touchscreen.

8 Programmable Buttons - for quick access to layouts and actions
Program them to instantly toggle between up to 8 different haptic key layouts, or simply used as a faster way to perform commonly used actions.

Designed for Efficient Multi-Tasking - with intuitive navigation and organization
Group commands into dedicated layouts and cycle through them using a dynamic touchscreen with finger swipe control. Enable Dynamic Mode to automatically switch profiles based on the detected app.

Compatible with Leading Streaming Software - for plug and play convenience
With the controller’s easy-to-use software, get set up to stream simply by dragging and dropping commands from a plugin library that includes an ever-growing range of third-party and custom plugins.

Technical details

  • Width: 15.1 cm
  • Depth: 3.02 cm
  • Height: 10.15 cm
  • Weight: 210 g

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