Simagic Alpha Wheel Base

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Simagic Alpha Wheel Base

Simagic Alpha is the ideal Direct Drive wheel for competing in professional Sim Racing and for training. Thanks to the 15 Nm three-phase motor in combination with the 3 advanced Force-Feedback control CPUs you will be able to feel every single sensation you get when driving a car.

Simagic Alpha Direct Drive takes you to the top of sim racing realism.

This wheel base is equipped with a 15 Nm three-phase motor, designed by Simagic, capable of providing power and precision in any situation.

It has been optimized to work as smoothly as possible, which translates into a real and natural feeling while driving any type of virtual car, thanks also to the very fast response times (1 ms).

The housing of Simagic Alpha is small in size, made of finished aluminum.
  • Maximum torque: 15 Nm
  • 1 ms response
  • 15 cm length
  • 3 CPU Tri-core acceleration Smart Base
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • 3-phase Servo Motor, designed by Simagic
  • Refresh rate: 1.000 Hz for buttons, 40.000 Hz for Force-Feedbackc

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