Simagic Q1S Sequential Shifter

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The Simagic Q1S is here to fulfil the needs of all sequential shifters lovers. Thanks to its minimal design and the planetary gears system (the same used in real rally cars) it will give you the most authentic simulation experience. The body is entirely made from aluminum. Both the resistance and shift strength are completely customizable for greater driving precision.


  • Epicyclic gearing shifting system, the same used in real rally cars
  • Premium materials and construction
  • Machined aluminum body
  • The customizable neutral gear lever
  • Easy mounting thanks to multiple holes
  • New silenced bearings to dampen the shifting sound
  • Customizable shift resistance thanks to the intuitive system
  • Fully integrated with the Simagic products ecosystem
  • 2 Different handles for different driving styles (1 handle included)
  • Dimensions: 261 mm (h) x 158 mm (l) x 63 mm (w)

What's included?

  • Simagic Q1S
  • Assembly Kit
  • Handle 120 mm
  • Warranty card

Simagic Q1S Sequential Shifter

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