Sigma Cortex Converter Simagic Compatible for PS4/PS5

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Release your personality

Supports all Simagic wheels, and features short-cut keys to quickly adjust Wheelbase parameters. Race on PS4 & PS5 with the steering wheel of your choice!
It’s all about having fun, there’s no need to compromise.

Experience true physical feedback

Force Feedback Strength and Sensitivity can be adjusted to meet your personal needs.
Replicate the real racing experience, making you feel like you’re on a racetrack.
Create your ultimate racing experience!

Easy to operate buttons


Supports adjustments for Total Force, Wheel Return Speed, Smooth Level, Wheel Angle Limit, Mechanical Spring, Mechanical Damper, Mechanical Friction, Mechanical Inertia, Vehicle Suspension, and Interpolation Level.

10 memory slots available to save custom base parameters for different games or different cars. Easily switch between different configurations.

Portable, Stylish, Solid and Durable

Metal appearance, comfortable to hold, fashionable and durable!
It’s not only a converter, but also your wingman to help you experience real racing!


  • Supports PS4 & PS5
  • Supports all Simagic Bases and all Simagic Wheels
  • Supports Simagic P1000, P2000 Pedals
  • Supports Simagic H-Pattern shifter DS-8X
  • Support Simagic Sequential Shifter Q1, Q1s
  • Other branded devices are not supported

Technical details

  • Maximum power consumption: 5V
  • Building Material: 53mm*30.5mm*110.5mm
  • Hardware Compatibility: PS4/PS5

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