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Configure the brakes to match your driving style and favourite game with ease. The MOZA Racing SR-P Accessory Kit allows you to customize the feel of the SR-P brake pedal with up to six different combinations. Lengthen or shorten the braking distance and fine-tune the brakes to suit your specific needs.

SIX COMBINATIONS The MOZA Racing SR-P Accessory Kit offers the flexibility to customize the brake pedal's feel. The kit includes two different resistance springs and a damper to adjust how far the pedal can be pressed. There are a total of six combinations, each creating a unique feel. Choose the option that best suits your driving or racing style and enjoy finely-tuned performance.

This accessory kit is compatible with the MOZA Racing SR-P pedal set's brake pedal. Please note that it is not compatible with the SR-P Lite model.

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These made the pedals finally useable for me, I prefer short throw and stiff pedal, which the SR-P's are not out of the box.

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