Trak Racer TR-One Front-Mount Universal Direct Fit Wheel Mount for Simucube/VRS/OSW/MIGE and more - requires TR80-NWMA

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TR-One Direct Drive Wheel Mount Plate

About the TR One Wheel Mounting System

The TR One Wheel System is a Future Proof Wheel Mounting System that allows you to upgrade by replacing only a part of the mount depending on what wheel base you mount. The base structure is made of thick-walled extruded aluminum and the plates are meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum then anodized. 

The design of the aluminum plates allows for angle and distance adjustment. The base kit (Part Number: TR80-NWMA) consists of 2 x High-Quality 80x40mm Aluminum Profiles and 4 Red Anodized Aluminum Plates. Optional wheel mounts include a wheel deck and direct-drive front mounting plate - but this list will expand as more wheelbase brands become available. The plates themselves are extremely rigid and have a lot of adjustment for angle and forward/backwards fine-tuning - to get a perfect position!


Note: This part also requires Trak Racer TR8020 Fully Adjustable Direct Fit Wheel Mount (Part No.: TR80-NWMA)

  • This is an add-on plate that requires side supports (if you don't already have them - Trak Racer Part No. TR80-NWMA
  • Constructed from Tooled-Aluminum and 15mm Thick makes this plate is the most rigid on the market
  • Zero flex and no weak points 
  • Quick and easy adjustments when fitted with the Trak Racer Side Mounts (not included)
  • All the necessary mounting hardware is included for a quick and easy installation

When fitted with the Side Supports (TR80-NWMA), this part is compatible with Trak Racer Extruded Aluminum Rigs and other DIY Builds and has a total width of 580mm

Compatible Wheel Bases: 
• Simucube SC1 / SC2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate
• VRS Force Pro
• AccuForce V1/V2 (turn the top cover around to fit)
• MiGe 130ST(small and big)
• Bodnar 53 series
• Lenze MCS12 series
• Kollmorgen AKM 52-53-54 (OSW and Leo Bodnar Simsteering systems)
• Ricmotech Mini-Mite Direct-Drive Steering System Base

Contact us if your wheel is not listed


  • Plate thickness: 15mm
  • Material: High-Grade Aluminum
  • Plate Width (without TR80-NWMA): 180mm
  • Plate Width (with TR80-NWMA): 580mm

    5 Year Warranty

    What's Included:

    • 4 x M8 x 20mm Hex Screws
    • 4 x M8 x 25mm Hex Screws
    • 4 x M8 Flat Washer
    • 2 x 5mm x 10mm Hex Screws
    • 2 x M5 Flat Washer
    • 1 x DD Mount


    Official Racing Simulator of Alpine F1 Team and Official Flight Simulator of Airbus Aircrafts
    Since 2008, Trak Racer has been favored by professional drivers/pilots, game centers, massive gaming events, and event hire companies. By offering the highest quality gear in the industry, Trak Racer has collaborated with big-name brands such as, but not limited to, Alpine F1, Airbus, Xbox, Ubisoft, Sony, Castrol, Accord Hotels, and more.

    If you're looking to partner with Trak Racer please get in touch.


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