VNM Pedal Base Plate

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In order to operate the VNM simulation pedals with maximum force, they require a very robust mounting in the cockpit. If you prefer to mount the pedals to the baseplate first instead of mounting them individually, you will need the VNM Pedal Base Plate.

We recommend this option for a stiffer mounting if you prefer to attach the pedals to the baseplate first, rather than directly to the cockpit. The VNM Pedal Base Plate allows flexible placement of individual pedals and comes with a heel plate.

The baseplate unit consists of multiple elements. The pedals are mounted on 40x40mm aluminum extrusions and consist of a height-adjustable heel plate and two brackets to secure the base plate to the frame.

Mounting hardware for attaching the pedals to the baseplate and hardware for attaching the baseplate are included.

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