MOZA Wheel Base Extension Rod V2

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Enhance your racing setup with our 15cm Base Shaft Extension, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum for a lightweight and sleek design. Extend the distance between the base and wheel, replicating a real racing car’s steering column while maintaining compatibility with various wheelbases. Keep your setup professional with the ability to hide the base behind a dashboard or monitor, and enjoy seamless wheel swaps with the retained quick-release mechanism.

Extends the Base Shaft by 15cm

Increases the distance between base and wheel by 150mm to better replicate a real racing car's steering column. This enables the base to be easily hidden behind a dashboard or monitor for a sleeker and more professional look.

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Construction

The extension rod is precision-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy using CNC technology. Its lightweight design results in extremely low rotational inertia.

Retains Quick-Release Mechanism

The quick-release mechanism remains fully functional allowing you to easily swap MOZA steering wheels.

Compatible with all MOZA Wheel bases:

  • R21
  • R16
  • R12
  • R9
  • R5
  • R3

Technical specifications:

  • Package Box Dimensions: 101mm*100mm*213mm
  • Total Weight (Including Packaging): 700g

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