Simagic Hydraulic Throttle System

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Simagic P-HTS Hydraulic Throttle System: Revolutionize Your Racing Experience

Elevate your racing simulator experience to unparalleled levels of realism and precision with the cutting-edge P-HTS Hydraulic Throttle System. Designed for the enthusiast seeking the ultimate in performance and reliability, this system is your secret weapon for flawless corner exits and immersive gameplay.

6-Step Adjustable Damper: Tailor your driving experience with the 6-step adjustable damper, offering the flexibility to precisely tune the damper settings to your personal preference. Whether you're navigating tight corners or speeding down straightaways, the P-HTS allows for a more realistic and engaging driving experience.

Quick-Release Structure: Innovation meets convenience with the P-HTS's unique quick-release structure. This innovative design not only facilitates easy assembly but extends the quick-release convenience to your pedals as well, setting a new standard in racing simulator setups.

High-Fidelity Graphite Copper Connector: At the heart of the P-HTS lies the high-fidelity graphite copper connector, engineered for unmatched wear resistance and stability. This premium material choice ensures that your throttle system maintains its precision and reliability, even under prolonged use.

Millions of Aging Tests: Durability is paramount in the P-HTS Hydraulic Throttle System. Subjected to millions of aging tests, this system has been rigorously evaluated to guarantee maximum durability and reliability. With the P-HTS, mechanical DNFs (Did Not Finish) are a thing of the past, ensuring that you stay in the race no matter what.

Inverted Pedal Support: Embrace the versatility of the P-HTS with its support for inverted pedal installation. This feature allows you to customize your racing setup for an even more authentic driving experience, pushing the boundaries of realism in your simulator.

Whether you're a seasoned racer or a newcomer to the world of racing simulators, the P-HTS Hydraulic Throttle System offers the advanced features and robust design you need to take your racing to the next level. Experience the thrill of the race with unmatched precision and reliability – because in the world of competitive racing, every detail counts.

Adjustable setting (6 positions)

  • Compatible with P1000
  • Compatible with P1000i
  • Dimensions 174x24x67mm
  • Net weight 0.25kg

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