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There has been getting quite a bit of media coverage about DELE Nordic and Mad Catz in the past few weeks so we wanted to share a little bit more about our company and Mad Catz with you guys. You can find some of the news articles linked below if you want to go and have a read. 

Legendary gaming hardware brand Mad Catz are back in business with products available through the DELE Nordic online store

Leading innovation in gaming hardware for three decades, Mad Catz is again back in business, going forward stronger and more prepared than ever before.

Mad Catz’s high quality gaming products will be available through DELE Nordic online stores in Scandinavia. Having headquarters in Japan and South-Korea, 10 years old gaming peripheral company DELE Technology Oy has expanded to the Nordics throughout the spring 2021. Company has its northern baseline set in Helsinki, Finland. In Europe, DELE Nordic will focus on serving customers through its fresh online store at Key products in Europe are Mad Catz Keyboards, mice and mouse pads.

All Mad Catz Products that contain DELE Nordic sticker on the packaging will have extended warranty.

Mad Catz is known for its rebellious spirit and innovative boldness, featuring unique angular aesthetics and the latest technology, such as Mad Catz DAKOTA which utilizes the advanced signal-detection techniques. All this comes with high customizability without forgetting dynamic ergonomics. Mad Catz’s brand slogan sums their vision: Dare to Lead.

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About DELE Nordic
DELE started its operations in Japan, from where it quickly expanded to South Korea and Australia. Since 2011, it has aimed to inspire the best gamers of tomorrow by providing an interesting selection of high-quality gaming products at reasonable prices, so that everyone could enjoy the best of gaming.
DELE is now proud to introduce Nordic gamers to the extremely high-quality customer service that they are known for. In practice, DELE Nordic continuously updates its product selection to match the current trends and, most importantly, the needs of Finnish gamers.

DELE Nordic’s core is built around three main elements:

  • Mission: From gamers to gamers. Through love for gaming, we work hard everyday to provide an interesting selection of high-quality gaming products at reasonable prices
  • Vision: To support and fulfill gamers’ needs in anyway that we can, while inspiring the best gamers of tomorrow
  • Values: Gamers in mind, innovation at heart, twinkle in our eyes

About Mad Catz
Mad Catz®, the legendary gaming hardware brand, has been leading innovation in gaming hardware for three decades. In 2018, Mad Catz announced a surprise return to the international gaming scene, with a dedication to focus first on quality, committed to producing unique gaming hardware, designed and engineered in-house to stand out amongst the competition and deliver superlative performance for gamers of all abilities. Mad Catz designs products for gaming across multiple platforms including Windows® PC and Mac® computers, in-home gaming consoles, handheld gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Mad Catz Global Limited is the brand owner of Mad Catz and has its branches in Taiwan and China. Mad Catz promotes its brand across five continents and distributes its products around the globe.