Asetek La Prima™ Clutch System

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While La Prima™ is our entry-level series, make no mistake! Unlike many other flimsy entry-level pedals on the market, we have not compromised on quality, materials, design, or adjustability, as these are identical to high-end sibling Invicta™. Instead we chosen to take out some of the features, that is not critically needed. I.e. the RGB strip and the clutch bite point assembly. Instead we have installed a harder torsion spring. When buying an Asetek SimSports® pedal set, you buy into a platform, and should you wish later to upgrade to the Invicta™ clutch system, you simply buy an upgrade kit, and all you pay for is the upgrade itself. As such, your purchase will be future-proof. Better for you – better for the environment.

This product is only compatible with all Asetek SimSports® Pedal sets – not as a stand-alone product.

With the acknowledgement that not all racecars are equipped with a manual clutch, Asetek SimSports® supplies the Invicta Clutch as a separate add-on product to make sure that all racers’ preferences are considered. The clutch slides directly on to the Invicta Pedals Brake & Throttle and Forte Pedals Brake & Throttle by tightening two screws and a small electrical connector. With this, you are ready to turn your racing simulator from automatic to manual clutch. In just a few steps, you are ready to drive.

Technical specifications

  • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic industrial Danish design
  • 16-bit magnetic wireless hall CPS (Clutch Position Sensor) with no mechanical wear and zero maintenance
  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm
  • Pedal arm designed for 200 kg of force and a burst pressure of up to 700 kg!
  • Four mechanical pedal curve settings · Attaches to Asetek SimSports® Pedal sets
  • Adjustable pedal stop
  • Adjustable travel settings
  • Made in Denmark
  • Sustainable manufacturing with the reuse of waste aluminum from our die-cast processes
  • Die-cast high-quality pedal base with integrated heel rest · The clutch can be calibrated through the RaceHub™ software · Clutch upper and lower deadzone, as well as bite point, can be set through the RaceHub™ software
  • All adjustable mechanical features are by default colored orange
  • If purchasing the La Prima™ Clutch separately, you will have to use hex keys supplied when purchasing the Invicta™ Pedals Brake & Throttle, the Forte® Pedals Brake & Throttle or the La Prima™ Brake & Throttle, or purchase them separately at our local hardware store


  • Depth, width and height: 406 mm x 115 mm x 271 mm
  • Product weight: 1.6 kg

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