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Ultimate+ Baseplate

If you want to mount your pedals to a baseplate first instead of mounting them individually to your rig, our Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Baseplate is your product of choice.

With the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ being able to cope with the forces as experienced in real life racing cars, a sturdy mount to your simulator is an absolute must. If you do not want mount the pedals directly to your rig but want to put them on a baseplate first, we offer this optional rigid mounting solution. These baseplates are designed to show zero flex under load, while maintaining flexibility when it comes to positioning individual pedals.

With the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ being able to cope with up to 140kg of force, standard rigs often show excessive flex under these loads. This Ultimate+ baseplate helps to create a rigid mounting platform for your Ultimate+ pedals.

The baseplate assembly consists of multiple elements: The pedal plate on which you mount the pedals, a height adjustable heel plate as well as two brackets which you use to secure the baseplate to your rig.

Mounting hardware is supplied to mount the pedals to the baseplate, as well as hardware to mount the baseplate to a 6mm thick underlying plate.

Pedal plate

The baseplate mounting points for the pedals are slots which allow for lateral adjustment of individual pedals. Every single pedal can also be adjusted backwards and forwards through the slots in the pedal feet themselves.

The Ultimate+ Baseplate comes with t-nuts which sit in the adjustment slots below the pedal plate. This allows for convenient fine-tuning of the pedal position by slightly loosening the pedal mounting bolts from the top of the pedal plate.

The Ultimate+ pedal controller can be mounted out of sight at the bottom of the pedal plate. Cable pass throughs have been added to both the pedal plate and the mounting brackets so you can tidy up your installation.

Heel plate

The heel plate on the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Baseplate is height adjustable. You can either put it in the default position (0mm elevation), or use the supplied 30mm spacers to raise it to a higher position. This helps you to achieve optimal pedal ergonomics in your simulator.

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