Alterzone Slim 7g golvstativ med glasbas för 37"-70" TV, svart

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Alterzone Slim 7g är konstruerad av metall och massivt glas och erbjuder dig en fantastisk, budgetvänlig TV-monteringslösning. Bortsett från den hållbara strukturen och det väl designade utseendet, har TV-stativet också flexibel justering. 70-graders svängområde erbjuder mer horisontell rörelse än vanliga TV-fästen. Lätt att montera och installera. Kabelhanteringssystemet döljer alla kablar som är anslutna till skärmen..

  • Svivelförmåga: För flera skärmvinklar
  • Höjdjusterbar: För en optimal visningsposition
  • Elegant glansigt glasfot: Ger ditt hem en modern touch
  • Kabelhantering: Håll allt ordnat
  • Utrustningshylla: Ger mer lagringsutrymme för tillbehör


  • Mått: 66.0 cm x 40.0 cm x 145.8 cm
  • Viktkapacitet: 40 kg
  • Material: Stål, härdat glas, plast
  • Färg: Svart
  • Passar skärmstorlekar: 37"-70"
  • Glastjocklek (uppifrån och ned): 10 mm
  • VESA-kompatibel: 200x200, 300x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x400
  • Svängområde: +35°~-35°

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Customer Reviews

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I was looking for an as-slim-as-possible black wall-mount-alike stand, but I couldn't pick the Arc as I had a glass wall behind the TV and couldn't put weight on it. So I ended up with Slim 7g. Here are some random thoughts:

The 7g is sturdy, great quality, and has a nice finish. Assembling was smooth, with good instructions and all screws fit nicely. I'm very happy with the quality.

The stand is slim but not that slim. With the 2cm of floor plate at the back, then the leg, the panning mechanism, and the mounting pieces, the back of the TV lands around 16cm off the wall. And all together in my case with LG 65" C9 OLED the front panel is around 20cm off the wall, which is already quite much. Again, Arc would've been slimmer, but it wasn't an option for me.

- The stand leg itself has no height adjustment. However, there are three mounting levels on the vertical parts that you attach to the TV. The difference between the highest and lowest possible levels is around 12cm. I feared the TV would end up too high as it depends on the model's VESA hole positions etc. At the lowest possible setting, my LG 65" C9 OLED ended up at around 78cm off the floor, which is lower than I expected and perfect for my needs.

- The floor plate is quite big (and even bigger in the 7/7s). I'm planning to place cabinets in front of the stand, which is why I didn't attach the shelf. However, the floor plate is quite big and thick, so I'm sure that'll cause some problems as I need to consider where the legs of the cabinets will land and how high they should be. With high legs, the plate will end up visible, and with no legs, the cabinet would need to be balanced somehow from the sides (the plate is around 1,6cm high with the cushions). And if a wider cabinet has legs in the middle, the plate will be on the way. The floor plate shape in Arc helps with the middle-leg issue, so a similar-shaped plate for this one would've been great.

- The cable management is neat as the cables go through the leg. However, it's good to notice that if the power cord is for some reason fixed to the TV (as with mine), the bigger plug will not most likely fit through the leg. You can remove the rubber covers temporarily to fit the cords better though.

- The TV is not vertically straight when mounted. This might differ depending on the TV model or then it's the way the TV is mounted to the stand, but the TV is slightly tilted forward and there's no way to adjust that. Not a big issue at least for me, but as a good-to-know for others.

Then a small tip: The floor plate is glossy black on one side and matt black on the other side. I preferred the matt side to be visible, so I left that side upwards.

Altogether, I'm happy with the quality and the aesthetics of the stand and I think I chose the best one I could find with the limitations I had. I just wish there were more options for floor stands that fit nicely behind and under a cabinet.


Nopea toimitus.Teline tukeva ja laatu hyvä.Suosittelen!


Absolutely love this TV stand! It's not only stylish and modern, but also incredibly sturdy. The shelf is a bonus, keeping everything organized and clutter-free. Assembly was a breeze, and it fits my TV perfectly. Highly recommend!

Juhana Melkko

Very good product and easy to assemble.


Nice and strong tv stand.

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