Asetek SimSports® Universal Footrest

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The all-aluminum Asetek SimSports® Universal Footrest, carrying over design elements from the Asetek SimSports® Invicta pedals, is a quick-to-mount accessory allowing the driver to rest the foot during long races. Furthermore, in rigs with tight space, it will prevent the foot from rubbing against the rig/chassis. The sim foot rest is CNC laser cut in our in-house high-speed fiber laser cutting machine for the best possible fit and performance.

The footrest is only compatible with the all Asetek SimSports® Brake & Throttle sets, and comes with the necessary mounting hardware included.


  • Invicta Pedals Brake and Throttle
  • Forte® Sim Racing Pedals Brake and Throttle
  • La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedals Brake & Throttle

Design features

  • Danish design
  • Made in Denmark
  • Integrates design language from Invicta Pedals
  • All-aluminum
  • Quick-to-mount
  • CNC laser cut

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